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Boot Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Am I ready For Bootcamp?  I haven't worked out in a long time.

A - Yes.  The Classes are designed to push you forward from the level you are at.  Whether you are currently a couch potato or a marathon runner we will challenge you at your current level.

Q - What happens if it rains and we have an outdoor class scheduled?

A - If the rain is light we will run the class.  If there is any thunder or lightening or it has been raining heavily to where the grass is soggy and slippery we will reschedule.  Also if your indoor class is planned at a school and there is a snow day declared for the school in the daytime, they will close the school to activities in the evenings as well.  These classes will have to be rescheduled as well.  Your instructor will contact you at least an hour prior to class to make a call.

Q - I have a group of friends and we would like to work out together, can you put together a program designed for us?

A - Absolutely.  Our Personal Trainers are available to put together a program for any size group specifically targetting your goals.  And we can schedule it in a convenient location and dates and times that work for you and your group.

Q - I would like to join Boot Camp with my daughter who is 13, how old do you have to be to join?

A - Certainly 13 year olds are old enough to join the class with a parent.  We have had participants as young as 13 and as old as 63.  Participants under 18 just need a parents signature on the forms as well.

Q - I have an injury I am concerned may act up in Boot Camp.  Am I ok to join?

A - We require all participants to fill out a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) as well as a liability waiver.  If there are any concerns on the PAR-Q form then we highly recommend seeing your doctor prior to starting.

Q - What type of exercises will I be doing?  Is it a rigid Military type workout?

A - You will be doing a combination of what could be considered military type training exercises such as squats, lunges, push ups, drills etc.  The cardio is built into the resistance part so you will not be spending a lot of time running etc.  You will be pushed to your limit based on the shape you are in. Results are achieved safely and efficiently.  We do a warm up at the beginning and a cool down at the end.

Q - What Kind of Results can I expect?

A - Results naturally vary person to person.  Many results include lower stress, better sleep patterns, overall sense of health, decreased joint pain.  Measureable results include a weight loss of up to 16 lbs and up to 12 inches overall.  Many people report improved blood pressure, decreased headaches and improved energy.

Q - What are you policies on make up classes or cancelling registration?

A - If MF cancels a class due to weather or other reasons, we will schedule a make up class.  If you miss a class you are able to make up that class at another location within the same 4 week period. You cannot carry them forward into the next session.  We do not offer refunds after registration.  If something comes up prior to the first class (at least 24 hours notice) we can postpone your registration to the next session in the same location. 

Personal Training Questions Options and possibilities are tailored to your needs.  Almost anything is possible in terms of working with an MF Personal Trainer.  Please contact us if you have any questions about these services.
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