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Personal Trainers are worth their weight in gold.
Especially when you find a good one that has the same health and fitness philosophies as you do.

Staying on Track is the hardest part of any fitness regime. Having a support person is a must to ensure success. No one has enough "will power" to stay on track everyday for the rest of their lives. For more info on our Personal Trainers and the Personal and Small Group Training packages we offer please Contact Us.
Reducing Stress Stress is known to add cortisol to your system which is one of the culprits in creating and storing Belly Fat. Reducing your stress can have a multi level affect on your health, fitness and your life!

Stretching to a new Fitness level!
Stretching is an often overlooked part of any Fitness routine. The benefits of stretching include:

MF Bootcamps include a full stretching period at the end. Talk to one of our Personal Trainers today for tips and details.


Women and the Upper Body
Upper body workouts are not just for men! Make sure you have a well rounded fitness plan that incorporates all aspects of your body. Women are more than abs and buns and a surprising amount of women are well aware of any extra jiggle going on in the upper arm. 

Our Bootcamp classes and Personal Training Services both offer you the balance you need to get and keep your whole self fit.
The Bootcamps offer a full body resistance program balanced with the right amount of cardio to achieve ultimate results.  Results are clearly noticeable after just 4 weeks.

Our Personal Trainers can tailor a program to meet your goals by targeting your biggest concerns and working out a schedule that is both convenient and affordable.  Often in your own home.

Cardio is Key to your overall health and Fitness.  But Cardio does not need to be its own entity.  You can get a great "cardio" workout while performing Resistance exercises.  Our Bootcamp classes are designed to meet both at the same time.  Try a Bootcamp today!

Don't Resist Resistance Training!

Benefits of Resistance Training Resistance training is exercise that meets resistance. Such as weight lifting or any weight bearing exercise including body weight resistance.

Training your muscles with resistance training will increase your strength and tone up your body. You will not get "bulky" without express effort to do so. Also, muscle is metabolically active tissue which means the more you have....the more calories you burn while just sitting there!

Core Training...the backbone of any training program. Don't forget that Abs are only half of your core! Let our Personal Trainers ensure you are training your back adequately as well. They are two sides to the same coin and need a balance.

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